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Tasting menu
A careful selection of the most characteristic bites and wines of Galicia. High quality products cooked and presented with care and good taste. Traditional and simple elaborations which highlight the raw material of our sea and our countryside. Galicia Tradition Show


The tapas will be the protagonists of the gastronomic experience. A tour of some of the most representative dishes of Galician cuisine, which stands out for the authenticity of the flavours, the large number of nuances and product prominence.


A good cheese is always available when you start or finish your meal in Galicia. Some of the most awarded cheeses in Spain are made within the 4 Denominations of Origin of our land.


One of the tastiest, simple and traditional dishes. Putting together a good bread dough, with a good sauce and meat, seafood or fish is an almost perfect combination. Its origin is lost in history, although representations already appear in the Middle Ages in the Cathedral of Santiago, specifically in the Pórtico de la Gloria… a goddess delicacy.


The mussels from Galicia became the first sea product to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin. An exquisite seafood with an intense sea flavour.


If Santiago de Compostela is a must see in Galicia the octopus tasting is another essential. Seasoned with olive oil, salt and paprika (spicy, smoked or sweet), it is never lacking in the pilgrimages and festivals that fill our geography. Tradition says that you have to serve it on a wooden plate and eat it with chopsticks.


Volandeiras (from the family of queen scallops and scallops) are a delicacy from our estuaries. Grilled, seasoned with garlic, parsley…it is the best way to enjoy its delicate flavour.

Pork shoulder and ham

Pork meat is the most consumed in Galicia. Products such as Pork shoulder and Ham are present in any daily or festive meal. Delicious products with a taste of authenticity.

Carne ao caldeiro

Our tapas offering end with Carne ao caldeiro. Boiled beef and potatoes, served with the classic oil and paprika to complete a meal worthy of the best tables in the world.

Cheese with quince jelly

The sweet part is led by the Cheese with Quince jelly. A combination that contrasts sweet and salty, perfect for a delicious ending to our tasting.


White and red wines from the Galician Denominations of Origin

  • Monterrei, Rias Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro y Valdeorras
  • Water and beers from our region


Group experience
A show for the 5 senses full of authenticity and emotion in Santiago city centre, with a top gastronomic offer for groups between 20 and 50 people. For larger groups we can arrange it at other locations.

From €95/person Book

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