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Popular art in its purest form. We show one of the richest and best preserved folklores in the world, through the songs, dances and traditional clothing of Galicia. A joyful and unique experience. Yesteryear leisure.

The traditional clothing

The gala or sample dresses and suits are those worn on special occasions in the cities and towns of Galicia. Made of noble fabrics such as velvet, merino wool, silk or guipur they are a reflection of the wealth of Galician heritage.

The Songs

The songs were part of the daily life of the people linked to traditional jobs, religious celebrations, or popular festivals; they were performed by men and women through various percussion instruments such as tambourines and drums. It was common and frequent to use everyday utensils such as bottles, spoons, scallops…or farming tools such as hoes and sickles. As a curiosity, carbide or paprika cans were also used in various areas in the province of Ourense, especially in Avión, a municipality in the Ribeiro region.

The Dance

The dance was perhaps the quintessential social moment in the Galicia of yesteryear. The neighbours of the villages and nearby places used to get together to cooperate in work related to agriculture. At the end of the task, the “foliadas” or “seráns” spontaneously arose, in which everyone participated singing, playing percussion instruments and dancing. Muiñeiras, jotas, maneos, ribeiranas… with the particular characteristics of each place lasted even until dawn. As a general rule, the man was the one who marked the steps and points to the rest of the participants.

The Regueifa

The Regueifa deserves special attention. It is a typical wedding dance, characterised by the bread that women wear on top of their heads while they dance. When the dance was over the bread was distributed among guests and relatives.


Group experience
A show for the 5 senses full of authenticity and emotion in Santiago city centre, with a top gastronomic offer for groups between 20 and 50 people. For larger groups we can arrange it at other locations.

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